Miscellaneous Fandoms

Falling in Love
Even though their brief romance ended years ago, Anne can't help falling in love with Captain Wentworth all over again. Could he possibly feel the same?
Easy on the Eyes
Lord Peter is fascinated by many things about Harriet Vane
The bones of birds and children beneath me lie the blood of stars on your hands and mine... ...and a scar to last the ages
Come What May
Obi-Wan knows that he will always love Qui-Gon, no matter what comes between them: wars, the Council, small obnoxious boys, or even death
Your Song
Benedict attempts to express his feelings for Beatrice in a song. Created for the 2009 Festivids
Falling in Love in a Pie Shop
Mrs. Lovett thinks she may be in love with Mr. Todd.  A tale of Murder, Betrayal, Pie Baking, Bloodletting, Cannibalism, and, of course, True Love.
Meet Me in the Dark
Sometimes the dark is the only place where two hearts can come together.
Bad Day
Everyone in Greenleaf is having a bad day. Peter Malloy assures them that, although things may not be going as planned, they'll be happier when they come out the other side.
Lies of Handsome Men
Dedicated to fans - we know that what we vid & write isn't "real", but it's fun to pretend
500 Miles
The journey of building a new life is made one step at a time. For Dan Jarvis, having Duck McDonald at the end of that journey might make it worth taking the first step.
Raise Your Glass
Harry Dresden's philosophy of life: Being ordinary is boring. Get your freak on, raise your glass, and blow up a few things!
Harry knows that the people (and other beings) he deals with aren't perfect. But as long as they try to be true to themselves, they are perfect to him.
You Can Leave Your Hat On
A celebration of gorgeous men - and their hats. My first vid back in 2000 - back when tape was original source (which explains the grainy quality)
Jack's Dirty Little Secret
Jack has a lot of dirty little secrets in his past. Is Ianto just another one? Or is he something more than that.